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linelube 20w-20

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linelube 20w-20
linelube 20w-20
linelube 20w-20
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1L / 5L
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Engine Oil
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Automotive Oils
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Linelube 20W-20 engine oil is a superior quality engine lubricant. The combination of solvent refined base oils and high technology additives is designed to give maximum protection to engines working under moderate to severe conditions. The state of the art additives prevent build up of carbon and lacquer deposits on piston ring grooves and valve stems and dramatically reduce the corrosive effects of the products of combustion.


  • Excellent high temperature stability
  • Improved bore polishing protection
  • Excellent anti wear performance for reduced engine wear
  • Excellent sludge control


Linelube 20W-20 may be used in a variety of turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines where a SAE 20W-20 or even a 20W lubricant is specified .Typical applications are earth movers, general plant equipment, large and small trucks, vans and taxis. This product may also be suitable for use in plant equipment hydraulic systems, transmissions and torque converters. Refer to manufacturer handbook.

API                CE/SG

Military          Mil-L-46152B / Mil-L-2104D

CCMC           D4

MB                 227.0, 227.1 

Mack              EO-K

MAN               270, 271

Caterpillar       TO-2

Allison             C3

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